Sniff and Smooooooch!

Last week, Max got a sore throat and a runny nose. I’m not typically the type to run a kid to the doctor for a cold but the Swine Flu has me nervous. So, off we went. He had a low-grade fever by the time we got there. Strep was negative and they swabbed his nasal passages to test for swine and the other influenza. Uh, that nose swabbing stuff is NOT like they make it seem on the news. They stick this gigantic, plastic, flexible swab several inches up your nose and then into your nasal passages. Max was VERY uncomfortable and I had to hold his arms during the test. It was AWFUL!!! When we got out to the parking lot, Max (age 7) said, “Mom, that nose test was HELL!” I didn’t reprimand him. I’d have used worse words if I were on the other side of that swab!

Max ran a higher fever that night, but had only a sore throat and stuffy nose the next day, and was pretty much as good as new by Sunday. But, on Sunday morning, Mason (age 2) started rubbing his nose and pointing into his mouth (meaning sore throat). By Sunday night, his fever has started and it went higher, and higher, peaking at 103.2. I was taking his temperature every 15 to 30 minutes for awhile. I’m one of those moms who believes in letting a body’s fever do the work it was intended to do-kill the bad germs. I’ve always told our doc that I’ll let it burn to 102 but then I’ll give fever meds to the child. The doc said I could let it get to 103 as long as the child is comfortable. When Mason’s hit 103, I went to get the Children’s Tylenol and the dropper. I was not looking forward to waking Mason up because he tends to get VERY angry when you do that. Getting the Tylenol in him would not be easy. However, when I returned with the medicine, he appeared to be breathing slower and I could no longer feel his heart pounding in his chest (both normal for a feverish little one). I checked his temp again and it had gone down to 102.8. Fifteen minutes later, it was 102.6, etc. By morning, it was gone. Needless to say, I was almost all night on Sunday. Mason woke up Monday morning ready to conquer the world (his trains) again with only a residual runny nose. Man, that kid’s immune system is remarkable! He’s never been sick for more than a few hours at a time.

Richard has a surprise outing planned for us this weekend because it’s our 10th wedding anniversary! Whoo hoo! He’s the best hubby in the world and I am SOOOOO excited!!!

This week’s Maxism:

Percy the dog has a bad eye infection and I was trying to trick him into eating his medicine by sticking the giant pill in a wad of cheese. I kept mushing the cheese together but the pill kept sliding out.

Max, who was eating a snack while watching me, waved his Popsicle in my direction and matter-of-factly said, “Use some tape…”

Hugs to all!


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