One Week Down…Too Many to Go

Richard is feeling a bit better but he’s terribly bored. If I could just get him out to the van and take him for a spin, I know that would cheer him up but he has no desire to do anything that might jar one of his ankle screws loose before the bones are finished healing. Can’t say I blame him.

On Sunday, we decided to celebrate Father’s Day instead of Mother’s Day. Richard needed pampering far more than I and all the kids thought it was a great idea. We were supposed to spend the summer building on our land so Zach and I went to Borders, looking specifically for a book on Yurts and we found one!

If any of you have any experience with yurts (building, living in, staying in, or just knowledge of), please contact me. Richard would LOVE to exchange a couple of emails with you. We’re really leaning toward a yurt instead of a cabin.

For those of you who don’t know, a yurt is cylindrical, tent-like dwelling…but people use different types of materials for construction (not just cloth). No, we’re not going to build a teepee. If we were, it would already be done! You can see pictures of yurts HERE.

Many companies sell yurt kits. We’d like to try to build one ourselves but since Richard will be relegated to the sidelines during his four-month recovery, telling us what to do with construction, maybe a kit is the way to go. Some yurts look like ultra-chic, round, modern homes but we want something far more modest. Then again, if we build our own, we could save thousands of dollars…or maybe not. I’m going to buy Richard a bullhorn so he won’t feel so powerless while sitting with his foot propped up, watching us work. I’ll see if I can find one with a push-button horn in it so he use that if somebody hammers a nail crooked or something. Heh…

This week’s Maxism:

“Next time we go camping, can we build a bombfire?”

Hugs to all!


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