Leaf Watchers Descend on the Hoy House

This is the time of year when everybody wants to visit us…because of the miraculous Fall show we get in Maine, of course. This weekend, Richard’s mom, step-dad, aunt and uncle will be arriving for a 5-day stay. The next week, his childhood friend, Scott, will be visiting with his girlfriend. And, on Halloween weekend, my mom is coming. We are so excited!

Zach moved out a couple of months ago and we’ve since converted his old room into a real guest room! I’m excited because we’ve never had one of those before. I wanted the room to have a Fall theme because that’s when we have the most guests. I decorated it with photos I’ve taken of fall foliage over the years. The paint is blood orange (orange with dark red sponged on top) and the new glass cabinet is currently displaying a Halloween theme – my horror dolls. Heh…

The guest room was a true family effort, with all the kids pitching in with painting. They did a great job! The only things missing now are the rugs, which I ordered on Ebay for far less than they sell at any of the large chain stores here.

Here’s a picture of the room, without the rugs, of course.

Zach saw it and wants to know why his room never looked this good when he lived here. 😉

This week’s Maxism:

We were watching TV in Max’s room at night. He yawned, and said, “I’m soooo tired.”

I replied, “Well, just close your eyes and go to sleep.”

He pointed to the TV and whined, “But they’re entertaining me!”

Hugs to all!


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