Keeping the Lizard Warm in Bed…

Keeping the Lizard Warm in Bed…

Well, we did get that ice storm last week and it was a bit nerve-wracking. Richard is always ultra-prepared for everything. He never lets the truck’s gas tank get more than half empty and, when they said we might get ice, he stocked the RV with food, drinks, extra gas and even extra propane. If the power goes out, we can simply carry our computers out to the RV and live out there for as long as we need to. We have a satellite Internet dish out there, too! Between our regular Internet connection, our dish, and our phones, we can always get online.

Ali and Frank (ages 17 and 16) woke us up at around 5:00 a.m. and gleefully announced it was a snow day. I promptly went back to bed (so did they). Then, Richard woke me up to tell me the power had just gone out. I wasn’t concerned because it was still too early for me to be concerned about anything…until he said Cool’s alarm was going off.

Cool is Max’s lizard – an 18-inch bearded dragon. If Cool gets too cool (funny, but true), he could die. He lives in a large aquarium with a heat lamp. We have his heat lamp plugged into a battery box that kicks in if the power goes out. But, it only lasts for about 30 minutes or so. So, when the alarm went off, we had to move quickly. I took Cool back to bed with me while Frank and Richard moved his smaller aquarium (from when he was baby Cool) to the RV, along with his water bowl, his freeze-dried crickets (like dog food in a little bowl – so cute!), and his heat lamp. In bed, I put Cool on my chest and covered him up with the comforter. He was quite snug and slept through the entire ordeal.

When they finished, Frank put Cool under his shirt and jacket and hurried him out to the RV. And, if course, that’s when the power came back on…

Cool is really a cool pet. He will hang on your shirt for hours at a time, never moving anything but his eyes. They move ALL around. He doesn’t miss anything. You can put him on a leash and take him outside (but not this time of year!). When he puffs out his neck, he looks very intimidating but he would never intentionally harm anyone. In fact, when we bought him, the pet store assured me a bearded dragon is one of the best reptile pets for kids. They really do interact with you and everybody loves him – well, except for people who are afraid of reptiles, like my step-mom-in-law, who is arriving here next week. When relatives come for the holidays, some people have to move to other bedrooms. Cool is no exception. Cool has to stay in Frank’s room during Christmas week. There’s always lots of activity in Frank’s room (video game central!) so Cool will have plenty to look at with his big, rolling eyes.

So, if you’ve been looking for an expensive (around $60 WITHOUT the supplies and aquarium) yet very fun pet for your kids, get them a bearded dragon!

This week’s Maxism (If you are easily grossed out by bodily functions, stop reading now!):

One day last week, while riding in the backseat of the truck, Max was sniffing repeatedly and loudly in the backseat. I finally asked, “What ARE you doing?”

He replied, “Recycling my fart.”

Hugs to all!


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