Is That Gatorade in Your Ear, Dear?!

The old cell phone model I use is a gadget our children now call archaic. Richard keeps asking me if I want to upgrade but I always say no. My first excuse was that I didn’t want to spend the money. Only when Richard let me know the new phone would be free with our plan did I admit my true reservations, whining, “But then I’d have to learn how to use a new phone all over again!”

Heck, after two whole years, I just learned how to program numbers into mine!

Ali was very happy when she inherited her big brother’s high-end cell phone, which was less than a year old. He wanted a bigger, better one and Ali will be driving soon, so we were going to buy her one anyway. And, guess what? We had to buy her one anyway! Ali wants everyone to know that gym bags, leaking Gatorade bottles and $300 cell phones don’t mix…

I received a few requests that I share that yummy homemade bread recipe from last week. You can find it online HERE. Remember, do NOT double that recipe or you may lose young children in all that rising dough!

Hugs to everybody!


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