iPhone + Washing Machine = Uh Oh…

Richard bought me an iPhone for Mother’s Day months ago. I LOVE my iPhone! After dropping it numerous times on everything from the carpet to cement, I finally managed to kill it…by leaving it in my pocket one night. I realized it was missing the next morning and, after looking high and low, offered a reward to the child who could find it.

Zach’s girlfriend, Alyssa, found it a couple of hours later while doing the laundry. It was nice and dry, having gone through an entire laundry cycle. I’m still not sure why none of us heard the clunk clunk clunk of it being dried.

We let it sit for a day and then Richard took it apart. It would turn on but the screen was toast. I was pretty bummed because I hadn’t synced it for several weeks and all my new contacts were now toast as well. Oh well…

Anyway, Richard is the best hubby in the world! He felt so sorry for me that he went out at lunchtime the very next day and bought me a brand new one! I was thrilled. The first one I had was an original iPhone. I’d wanted to download some educational games for Mason but the really cool ones would only work with the new iPhone. And, now I have the new iPhone!

In other news, for Halloween, I dressed up like Richard. Hoping to give you a chuckle this fine day, here’s a photo:

We had a FANTASTIC Halloween! Famous author Doug Clegg and his partner Raul Silva spent the entire weekend with us. We had a blast! I mean, really, who better to spend your Halloween with than the author of books like The Hour Before Dark, Nightmare House, Mordred, Bastard Son, The Vampyricon series and numerous other terrifying novels? In fact, Doug averages a novel a year. I wish I could do that!

You can read Doug’s novel, Afterlife for free. Cool, huh? See:

This week’s Maxism:

When we were coming home after dark on Tuesday night, Max looked out the window and said, “Look, Mommy! It’s a crescent roll moon!”

Hugs to all!


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