Hoy Holiday

Doing our part to keep the economy moving, we’ve almost finished our Christmas shopping. I started my shopping about three weeks ago. As I stated here earlier, I used to order tons of Christmas gifts from Amazon. But, since we’ve boycotted Amazon, I had to take my business elsewhere. Most of the gifts have already arrived and Alyssa has been wrapping goodies for me since last week. We’re also not giving any business to Walmart because of the horrible things we’ve read and heard about that behemoth, too.

On Thursday (Thanksgiving), the only time Ali and I got to sit down was when we had to go to the bathroom. On the contrary, the only time the guys had to get up…was when they had to go to the bathroom.

In our family, the day after Thanksgiving is “Hoy Holiday.” We go get our Christmas tree, put it up, pull out the decorations, drink hot chocolate with whipped cream and candy canes, and watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. By Saturday, we’re exhausted!

Sunday night we had a small snowstorm. The children were SO excited. Max got to write a letter to Santa for his handwriting lesson on Monday. He did a great job! Heck, that boy has better handwriting than me.

I have a Masonism for you this week.

Mason (age 29 months) calls Richard “Dat” instead of Dad. We’re not sure why. (He used to call Max “Monkey” but he gets that one right now.) Anyway, Mason was pointing to the DVD player and saying, “Thomas Train! Thomas Train!”

Richard got the hint and popped a Thomas the Train DVD into the player.

Mason sat down to watch it, and said, “Good boy, Dat!”

Hugs to all!


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