Getting Excited!!

We’re taking our official “summer vacation” with Richard’s dad and step-mom again this year. I’m quite sure this year’s trip to West Virginia won’t quite compare to last year’s trip to Key West but I know we’ll have a blast just the same. Richard’s dad is an ex-hippy, and is super cool. The kids worship him. His step-mom isn’t much older than we are and I consider her one of my best friends. She’s a school teacher but you’d never know it when you get her out of the classroom. Heh…

Anyway, we’re supposed to leave in the middle of July. Richard is in charge of the itinerary so I’ll just be along for the ride.

Ali and I are both sick this week with some upper respiratory crud. I sent Ali to the doctor with explicit instructions to have her ask them to swab her nose for swine flu. Instead, the doctor (mis!)diagnosed her with allergies. It is NOT allergies! Max and Mason had it first and now Ali and I have it. I have allergies myself and this is NOT allergies. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was that we’ll get charged $170 for a misdiagnosis. And, Ali is feeling even worse today than she did yesterday. I have an appointment for Thursday (a routine physical) and I’ll definitely be voicing my disappointment…if I make it there. I am really feeling awful today.

In other news, Frank (age 16) got his braces off this week. Whoo hoo!

This week’s Maxism:

“What is cubic hair?”

(Think about it…)

Hugs to all!


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