Richard spent part of last week and all weekend building me a deck and gazebo! It’s beautiful!!! Frank helped Richard and he also helped me pull weeds and spread organic fertilizer. Mason enjoyed running his trucks through the fertilizer (yuck). I’m quite sure he won’t have completely clean fingernails again until the snows come next winter. Mason and Max understandably want to spend ALL their time outdoors now…which is why we really needed the gazebo – so I can work outside while they play. Unfortunately, now it’s supposed to rain all week.

Rain is doubly unfortunate because we’d planned a short, weekend RV trip. We’re leaving tomorrow (Thursday) and coming back on Sunday. We’ll be taking the fishing poles because the campground we’re visiting is right on the bay. I’m not sure we’ll catch anything, however. Max is also taking the crab net I made him last year in Florida. I can’t believe it was a whole year ago that we were in the Florida Keys! Looking out the window at the rain, I sure wish we were there right now…

This week’s Maxism:

“I wonder what ghosts taste like.” (I, of course, told him they taste like chicken…)

Hugs to all!


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