From Holiday to Holiday to Holiday…

The nice thing about this time of year is that there’s always something to look forward to when something else has ended. On Sunday night, the boys were sad at bedtime because Halloween was over. I reminded them that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and, after that, Christmas will be upon us as well. When I asked if they wanted to help me make a funny turkey yard decoration for Thanksgiving, they were all smiles again.

I am writing this on Monday night. On Tuesday, Richard and I will be working at the local polling place, gathering signatures for a petition to have residency restrictions for convicted child molesters / pedophiles / child s*x predators in our city.

Shockingly, we’ve been stonewalled on this issue by some city council members. There’s a lot of local, state and federal money to be had by firms and individuals that feed, house, and even treat sex offenders. We believe our city council has been influenced by special interests.

Anyway, I have to go to bed early tonight and work for 13 hours straight tomorrow so this issue will be extremely abbreviated. I hope you understand.

I have a Masonism for you this week:

When we were at the pumpkin patch last week, I asked Mason if he wanted a baby pumpkin, a mommy pumpkin, or a daddy pumpkin.

He replied, “I want a mommy pumpkin because they’re warm.”

Hugs to all!