Fall Foliage Peaking

The fall foliage is going to peak in the next couple of weeks here in Bangor so we usually have visitors this time of year. This week, Autumn Manka (our managing editor, who is also my sister) is coming to visit. I talked her into staying longer because Max is having major dental work done in about two weeks that requires IV sedation and I’d like her here for extra support.

In addition, Richard’s mother, along with her mother, will be coming for a 10-day visit. Technically, I think that means I’ll have two mothers-in-law here visiting, though one will be of the grand variety. The children are thrilled to have two doting grandmas coming to visit, and they’re praying that their cooking is better than mine! While we probably can’t convince the grandmothers to go camping with us, we will be driving through the mountains one weekend and along the coast the next to watch nature birth and shed her beautiful colors.

The pumpkin growing contest is coming along just fine. In case you haven’t read about it recently, Ali and I have been having a contest since early summer to see who can grow the biggest pumpkin. We’ll have to cut the pumpkins before the first frost and I’ll post pictures of the finalists right here when they’re picked. Won’t be long now as we’re having consistent evening temperatures in the low 40’s.

Hugs to everybody!

P.S. Don’t forget the contest this Saturday! https://www.writersweekly.com/misc/contest.html