Dumb Woman Tests My Ire by Locking Her Puppy in a Hot Car!

Dumb Woman Tests My Ire by Locking Her Puppy in a Hot Car!

Max and I stopped at the pet store to get crickets for Max’s lizard, Cool, yesterday. When we left, Max said, “Look at the cute puppy, Mommy!”

I looked to my right and there was a small puppy resembling a tiny Beagle in the car next to us. He was scratching on the window. I said to Max, “Come on.” We both immediately got out of the truck.

The windows of the dog’s owner’s car were open perhaps a half inch and it was 91 degrees outside. The car was in direct sunlight, sitting on hot pavement. I’d been sweating in the air-conditioned truck. I can’t imagine what that poor puppy was experiencing.

We went back inside Pet Quarters (which encourages people to bring their pets inside with them to shop), and told the two women at the registers about the dog in the locked car. They both just looked at me at first. I asked, “Aren’t you going to do something?!”

One replied, “I think the owner is back by the fish tanks.” She pointed, obviously too chicken to intervene.

The other clerk went outside to check on the puppy. I went back outside as well and put my hand in the window. It was sweltering in there.

I quickly returned to the store and the irresponsible owner was just coming to the register, her arms full of merchandise (meaning that puppy had been left in that car way too long). She had three children with her, who all appeared to be pre-teens.

I confronted her.

“Is that your dog in the locked car?”

She said, “Yes, but I haven’t been here long.”

I replied, “It’s over 100 degrees in your car and your dog has a fur coat on.”

She stammered, “But I just got here…”

I exploded, “Are you trying to kill him?! In a few minutes in this heat, your dog will be dead!”

She got snotty and said, “It’s not your dog. It’s mine.”

I shot back, “I KNOW how to take care of MY dog, Lady!”

Max and I stormed out. Seconds later, one of her children raced out with her car keys and let the poor dog out of the hot car.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! They should give people an IQ test before they let them have pets!

This week’s Maxism:

“Boy, Mom. That lady at the pet store sure was an idiot!”

Hugs to all!


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