DAY 1 ON THE ROAD: Thank Heaven for Duct Tape!

On Monday, we left the house on schedule at noon, heading for anywhere south that doesn’t have SNOW! We had to stop by the RV place to pick up our tow vehicle. The guy who was supposed to show Richard how to use the new gizmo was out to lunch. Richard read the manual while we waited (I was organizing things inside the RV), and figured it out for himself. To be safe, we waited for the employee to return just to make sure it was done correctly. He got back, checked Richard’s handiwork, and declared us ready to hit the road.

We buckled up the boys, and pulled out onto the highway. We can see the tow vehicle from the camera on the back of the RV and∑something was definitely wrong. Instead of both sides of the tow bar gizmo being the same distance from the RV, one was shorter than the other. The car was more to the right than to the left. Worse, when we hit a bump, we could feel the pull as something clicked in and out of the gizmo. The car was sliding backward and forward. We pulled into a truck stop and Richard took a look. I looked in the rearview mirror and grimaced as I saw him pulling his trusty duct tape from the RV storage area. Was he really planning to duct tape the tow vehicle to the tow bar?!

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I have a Masonism for you this week.

I was having a discussion with Max (age 8) about lying, explaining the difference between white lies (“No, Mommy! Those pants don’t make you look fat!”) and naughty lies (“No, Mommy, I didn’t paint the kitty’s tail green!”). I told him that naughty lies are very, very bad. Mason was in the room but I didn’t think he understood what we were talking about. He turned around, gave me an angelic smile, and said, “No, Mommy! Lying is GOOD!”

Hugs to all!


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