Dad Gummed Computers!

I have two laptops, a primary one and a backup one, for those days when the primary one croaks and needs to be taken to the computer doc. It’s rare but it happens. I also backup my primary laptop each night to an external drive, just in case. Doing this has saved a lot of valuable work on many occasions.

My backup laptop has been having some problems (running slow, two cracked USB ports, and a pesky “A” key that keeps flying off if you type too fast) so we finally took it in last week and had it wiped (erased). It’s easier and cheaper to do that sometimes then to individually fix every little thing that might be going wrong with it.

We picked it up on Saturday night and put it in the office. I was planning to reload my programs on it on the next rainy (or snowy) day when I had some free time.

On Monday morning, my primary laptop froze up more than a dozen times before noon. So, I had to spend my Monday, which is my busiest day of the week, loading programs and files onto my backup laptop so the primary one can be serviced.

Here’s my problem. They didn’t fix the “A” key! It keeps flying off! Ug!! I can click it back in its spot but it flies off again a few seconds later. It’s driving me CRAZY!!!

Anyway, we’re taking off for the weekend to Freeport, Maine. Just going to relax and celebrate finishing one book and almost being finished with another one.

Hopefully, we’ll make it out okay. We’re supposed to have 6-10 inches of new snow tonight with 1/4″ of ice to top it off (sigh…).

This week’s Maxism:

A friend dropped by last week to announce her pregnancy. When she made the big announcement, Max brightened and said, “My mom’s been pregnant, too!”



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