In order to more enjoy my December, I have decided to try to get my shopping done earlier this year. Last Sunday, I spent the entire day on my laptop, shopping online. I try to buy non-China-made items whenever I can and I also try to support artists.

Hence, I am ADDICTED to, which is the for artists and crafty folks. I wish I could tell you everything I bought but some family members do read my stuff here on occasion and I don’t want to ruin any surprises.

Max (who doesn’t read WritersWeekly) is nine years old now and he’s been a lover of anything-horror since he started talking. I almost bought him a life-sized coffin to use as a toybox but shipping might be a problem. I’m waiting on a quote for that. Hiding the darned thing and wrapping it will be two other puzzles. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I encourage you to check out You’ll find some really cool, original stuff and the prices are quite reasonable because you’re buying directly from the artist.

I have a Frankism for you this week.

The other day, Frank (age 18), asked, “Mom, can we buy some liquid nitrogen?”

Hugs to all!