A Hectic Week and the Neighbors from Hell

Richard had to take a quick trip to Texas for a family illness. I decided to stay in Bangor and hold down the fort here. Problem is…school started this week. So, I’m working, trying to keep the household in order (with help from Alyssa, thank goodness), homeschooling Max, watching Mason, and running errands. Things are pretty hairy right now but I’m managing to keep up with everything!

A few months ago, we decided to cut off communication with our neighbors, who are renting a house next door. The grandmother is a witch. No, really. She really is a witch! She has monthly “circles” and, unlike friendly witches (I do know some Wiccans and they’re nice people), she places “hexes” on people she’s doesn’t like. I don’t believe in hexes but you can see why I wouldn’t want to be associating with someone like that. She is mean and vindictive.

Anyway, also living there is the mom and a boy who is Max’s age. There’s a nutty ex-husband in the picture and an endless stream of seedy boyfriends, none of whom ever seem to have jobs.

The child used to be a sweet boy (we met him when he and Max were both two years old), but has become increasingly unruly and rude, especially since he started school. That’s all I’ll say but, believe me, you wouldn’t want your impressionable child playing with him, either! We also suspected the mother was using us as free babysitters.

The last time I talked to the mother, she told me, out of the blue, that she does drugs (I was shocked but, looking back, I realize now I was wearing blinders), and also told me her boyfriend was recently arrested for breaking into the police department in an attempt to steal drugs from their evidence room…for the second time! We keep hoping they’ll move but they never do.

Anyway, over the past couple of months, the little boy kept coming to our fence and asking if Max could play. The mother kept calling and leaving messages on our phone. When somebody did make the mistake of answering the phone when she called, they’d tell her I was ill (when I was ill over the past few months) or working. At times it seems she was calling three or four times a week.

On Saturday, Max was outside with Ali and the little boy, followed by his mother, once again came to the fence, asking if Max could play. Max said, “My mom says you’re rude and I’m not allowed to play with you anymore.”

The little boy’s mother hurried him away from the fence and into their house. I feel bad that the little boy may have had his feelings hurt…but I’m relieved we don’t have to field her phone calls anymore. I mean, geez, she sure couldn’t take a hint!

I’m still kind of depressed about the situation because I feel so bad for the child but we really need to do what’s best for our children.

Before you email me and accuse me of abandoning a neighbor child in need, please know that the child is in counseling and the family is monitored by weekly visits from the local DHS office. Sad, isn’t it?

Hmm… I wonder what kind of hex the grandmother has placed on us?

This Week’s Maxism:
After Max recalled an event from a couple of years ago, I said, “You have a good memory, Max!

He replied, “I have lots of good memories.”

Hugs to all!



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