18 Days and Counting…

Well, all these blizzards have been a hoot and we appreciate the Christmassy feelings we got but…enough is enough already. We got another huge storm last weekend and we now have another 18 inches on the ground. Richard spent four hours shoveling the driveway on Sunday. The good news for us is that Richard’s been planning a snowbird RV trip down south and our departure date is only 18 days from now! Whoo hoo!

We’ll be taking the business on the road with us and, as always, we will be chronicling our adventures at WirelessTrips.com. Our last two big excursions ended with trips to the emergency room (me in 2008 with diverticulitis and Richard last year with vasculitis). A few years ago, we had to go to two different emergency rooms on one long trip (Max had a stomach virus in Corpus Christi and Frank had an accident while herding cows in a golf cart in Conroe – without our permission, of course!!). So, hopefully this will be a NO-E.R.-Trips-Trip!

This week’s Maxism:

“You’re pretty, Mommy…but if you were ugly, I’d still love you anyway.”

Hugs to all!


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