Your Writer’s Website Money Maker? Paid Ads! By Skylar Margaret

Your Writer’s Website Money Maker? Paid Ads! By Skylar Margaret

If you’ve been on any popular website, you’ll see ads popping up on the pages. Paid advertising is a great way to make money as you grow your writer’s website. This mode of advertising brings overwhelming traffic to your website, and ultimately gets you paid. Brands can choose to advertise on your website and you could make a killing on it.

What Are Paid Ads?
When businesses use paid ads, they broaden their horizons with targeted reach. They tailor their messages perfectly to reach their intended audience. Paid ads also skyrocket online and offline conversion rates. Statistics state that potential buyers who click on these ads are 50% more likely to purchase than those who come across organic search results.

When Should You Use Paid Ads On Your Website?
Use paid ads on your website to make money from them. Tons of ads on your website could be annoying, but knowing you’re making earnings whenever anyone clicks on them is motivation enough. Look at it as passive income.

How To Make Money From Paid Ads

Here are a few ways to make money from paid ads. These include:

  • Cost Per Millie (CPM)
    This is payment for the number of impressions ads get on your site. These companies are willing to do what it takes to get in front of consumers and pay handsomely for it.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
    Here, advertisers pay for the number of people that sign up for their offer. While they have breakthrough rates, you need stellar copywriting skills to convince your readers to sign up for this offer.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
    This is a common way to earn through paid ads. With this option, you get paid whenever someone clicks on an ad.
  • Fixed Rate
    You can also have a fixed rate agreement with a network, and you’ll get payment for having ads whether your website visitors click on them or not.

To maximize paid ads, consider all these options on your website so you’re earning regardless of whether you get ad clicks. Some different paid ad networks to consider include:

Google Adsense
As a well-known ad network, Google Adsense allows you to customize the ads that appear on your website. It uses CPC, CPA, and CPM models to pay website owners and is trusted to make timely payments.

Ezoic will give you a 10% media share but has flexible options for its premium members (such as turning written content into video). Ezoic uses a CPM version to measure the traffic on your site by the 1000s.

Mediavine needs 50,000 visitors on your website every 30 days to start making earnings. If your writer’s website is in its infancy, this might sound like a huge requirement. You’ll also need to write long-form instead of short-form content. As your website grows, you could consider Mediavine as an earning partner.

Things To Know And What To Avoid
Putting ads on your website and raking in the big bucks is the easiest way to make substantial earnings. When signing up for an ad network, know how they measure ad results based on terms like CPC, CPM, and fixed rates.

Also, understand their payment terms and schedule so you’re not waiting for an unforeseen amount of time for your money. Most importantly, avoid sexual and graphic ads on your website and only go for meaningful content.

What Next?
Ready to make more money with your writing skills?

Since you already have a writer’s website, turn it into a lucrative opportunity by partnering with a reputable ad network. Don’t see these ads as an annoyance, they are strategic! Remember, it’s not always smooth sailing, but stay at it, and you’ll reap good rewards.


Skylar Margaret is a freelance writer from Houston. Her articles have appeared in, among other publications, the New York Times, New York Times Magazine, the New Yorker, the BBC, Rest of World, Vulture, and the Paris Review.

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