Find Freelance Writing Jobs on Reddit in Five Easy Steps by Morgan Knight

Find Freelance Writing Jobs on Reddit in Five Easy Steps by Morgan Knight

Reddit has been called many different things:

“The front page of the Internet”

“The untamed wilds of social media”

“A platform for both self-expression and sexism”

Among others…

Reddit, like any social media site, has many ups and downs but, for us writers, the most important upside of this website is its use as a platform for finding freelance writing jobs.

Though it may seem like a bit of a dodgy deal at first, there are many high-paying and respectable jobs to be found on Reddit. Once you know where to look, you can find a diverse range of clientele on this site – from new pharmacies in need of opening speeches to rappers asking for lyrics. Every niche has its place.

Follow these steps to find writing jobs on Reddit:

1. Find your Subreddit: Subreddits are small communities within Reddit, ranging from the r/HireaWriter Subreddit, with over thirty thousand members, to smaller Subreddits for discussing Broadway musicals. Finding the perfect freelancing Subreddit is crucial for finding the right clients. To begin, try joining larger communities such as r/HireaWriter  or r/ForHire. Be sure to turn on email notifications so that you will receive messages when jobs of interest crop up. As you continue your search for writing opportunities, you might find jobs in Subreddits that aren’t meant for writers at all – so remember to keep an open mind.

2. Boost your Karma: Reddit Karma refers to the points you obtain by posting and commenting on Reddit. Accumulating some Karma points before applying for jobs might be a good idea as they serve as a marker of your credibility within the site. Some Subreddits also require you to have a certain amount of Karma points before being allowed to complete certain actions – the r/HireaWriter Subreddit, for example, requires you to have ten Karma points before allowing you to post. The easiest way to gain some Karma points is by joining a few smaller Subreddits with only a few thousand users. This way, your posts and comments are more likely to be up-voted, and gain a few points.

3. Pick your client: Once you’ve boosted your Reddit Karma, it’s time to start finding jobs. The most obvious method for doing this is joining a few larger Subreddits, and navigating them with a combination of manual searching and email notifications. The perhaps lesser-known, and more time-effective method, however, is to type specific searches into Reddit’s main search engine, and to consider individual posts on the subject. For example, searching for “fitness writing job” might bring up a few recent job listings you might have missed, or that are in a Subreddit you haven’t even considered. Niche-specific searches are a great way to save some time. Instead of waiting for jobs to come to you, you can go to them.

4. Ensure your safety: When you pick a potential client, always research the client to see if they are legit before agreeing to work with them. Before accepting a job, try verifying the organization online. However, if this isn’t possible, check the client’s Karma points as a small indicator of their credibility. Be sure to work with a contract under all circumstances, and, if possible, ask for upfront payment, or a down-payment for the work you’re doing. After all, time is money and you do not want to be scammed into selling your time for free.

5. Extend your reach: After you’ve done a few jobs for different clients on Reddit, you’ll be able to create an online portfolio (if you don’t have one, already). You can then use this portfolio to create your own posts on the Subreddits you joined previously, marketing yourself as a writer for hire. In this way, you can attract potential clients instead of only hunting for them. Be sure to follow the Subreddit’s rules when job hunting, though. You do not want to be banned from posting!

Whatever your niche may be, Reddit has a client for it. With a little bit of effort, you’ll soon be landing many jobs, and earning a sparkling reputation. An open mind and a little bit of knowledge is all it takes.

Morgan Knight is a student and freelance writer located in South Africa. She has always been passionate about writing and has won national awards for Afrikaans short stories and poetry. She is currently writing articles to help other freelance writers to earn success with their writing in ways they have not considered before.

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