Five Ways to Promote Your Writing on Instagram! – by Abigail Jane

Five Ways to Promote Your Writing on Instagram! – by Abigail Jane

In a world that is dominated by social media, writers have to find ways in which they can make their work stand out, and get people’s attention. In this article, I will discuss how writers can use Instagram to engage with readers, and grow their online presence.  It’s no longer enough to create wonderful writing. Now, we must put ourselves and our work out there to convince people why they should hire us, or buy our books!

1. Have a Niche
Finding your niche is vital to creating a successful Instagram promotional campaign for your writing. It helps to narrow down the various types of information you could be posting, and helps you to connect with more like-minded people. For instance, if you enjoy writing and weight lifting, I’m sure there are others who can relate to that but the important part is sticking to that niche. Don’t also start posting photos of your family, pets, and what you had for lunch that day. Otherwise your followers might lose interest and un-follow you. Keep your personal items separate from your business.

2. Take Good Photos and Post Regularly
Instagram used to be all about beautiful and perfectly captured photos. But, now that it is so heavily saturated with content, people expect more. In order to stand out, and gain followers, you need to take good, clear, well-lit photos that will capture the eye. From there, the final touch is to add a good caption that will entice your readers into sticking around to hear more of what you have to offer. It is also important that you post photos regularly. It can feel like a lot of effort but, as I mentioned before, people expect more than a good photo here and there. In order to stay fresh in their minds, you must post regular content.

3. Post the “Behind the Scenes”
Instagram creates the perfect platform where you can share all of the behind the scenes stuff, like your daily writing habits. If you always make a cup of tea before you start writing, post a photo of it. If you listen to a certain writing playlist, share that as well. Readers love to know what a writer’s life looks like and, if you include details about what you encounter in your writing journey, they will quickly become some of your most loyal fans.

4. Connect with Other Writers and Readers
Another reason why Instagram is such a unique platform for writers to be on is its diversity of other writers and readers. It allows you to quickly and easily find other writers to connect with, and encourage, as well as avid readers who are always on the hunt for new authors. Instagram  is a place where you can get inspired, and inspire other authors, as well as gather your own personal fan base of readers.

5. Be Personable
No one likes to feel they are the target of a marketing pitch so it’s important to always remain personable on your Instagram account. To win people over with your unique charm and personality, to the point to where they want to not only read your work, but share it as well, show people that you are a real person behind all of the stuff that you write. You will then find fans who will always support your work.


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Abigail Jane is a freelance writer that specializes in writing on the topics of natural health and lifestyle but enjoys writing on a variety of topics as well. She went to school to learn herbal medicine and natural health consulting but Abigail’s passion has always been writing, and she is in the process of writing two of her own books.


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