Writers! Break Into the Video Script Writing Niche! by Emily Thompson

Writers! Break Into the Video Script Writing Niche! by Emily Thompson

YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are video-driven social media platforms that are ruling the world. Popular among millennials and centennials, they have provided opportunities beyond measure for those who are looking to advertise content, and offer entertainment. These platforms operate under one strategy – video marketing!

So, what in the world does this have to do with freelance writing?

This is where you come in! As we’ve seen on these avenues, every video needs a script. However, not every video creator can write a script and those often seek the services of video script writers. As a freelance writer, this is where you can make a killing!

Every video starts with an idea, which in turn becomes a script. Thousands of companies and marketing agencies depend on video scripts for their marketing strategies. But, most writers aren’t sure about how to write a proper script. Worry not! We’re going to expand your income potential by delving into the world of video script writing.

What is a Video Script?
A video script is the pine of all audiovisual content. It’s different from screenwriting that’s concerned with video dialog. A script includes the specific content that the voice actor reads. Other times, scripts are more technical because they show notes, timestamps, and video clip suggestions. Cameramen and directors cue in on what the video scripts provide them. As a good scriptwriter, you’ll think like the writer, director, and editor all at once.

There are several types of videos you’ll provide scripts for as a video script writer:

B2B videos
B2B stands for Business to Business. These are videos that businesses create to attract other prospective businesses, and convert them into clients. Why would you wade through walls of text on a company’s landing page when you can watch a 10-second video, and find out the services the companies are offering?

A video of a silent product demo can hook a lead faster than any complex blog post. Examples of B2B script writing include case studies and testimonials. This is regardless of the product or the industry. As a B2B video script writer, you’ll target executives, possible investors, and decision-makers. In B2B video script writing, you can earn approximately $200 to $300 per video minute.

B2C videos
As B2C stands for Business to Consumers, these video scripts will sell products and services from a business to a customer. As a B2C script writer, you’ll need to understand tutorials, Q&As, explainer videos, and much more. Unlike B2B video scripts, which are more professional, B2C scripts are written in an informal tone that connects with the company’s audience. A well-done B2C video script could account for higher sales. For a newbie, a B2C script could earn a minimum of $200 to $300 per video minute, with more to earn as a professional.

What Does a Video Script Writer Do?
Just like screenwriters who come up with stories and ideas that will be converted into films, so do scriptwriters in the video production industry. A video script is a video’s blueprint so, by extension, you’ll be the architect or person who shapes a video idea into something tangible.

Successful scriptwriters shape words into compelling stories, and are knowledgeable about their clients, their target audience, and the subject matter of the video. As a scriptwriter, you’ll work closely with the client (the keeper of the corporate message, and the person who’s most familiar with the target audience), together with the producer, who will shape the script into a video.

Become a Video Scriptwriter Today!
There’s nothing more rewarding than breaking into a new freelance writing niche! Although video scriptwriting is not the most common niche out there, it is well-paying, and will introduce you to an entire industry that is continuing to grow.

How to Find Video Script Writing Jobs
Search for terms like video script writer and video scriptwriter (do NOT use quotes!) on job sites like indeed.com.

Emily Thompson is a freelance writer who has contributed to publications such as Reviewed, Freedom With Writing, The Sun, and many more. In her free time, she enjoys whipping up recipes with her daughter and walking her dog.

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  1. Dawn Colclasure  April 8, 2023 at 4:28 pm

    Great article! Is there a website we can look at to see sample video scripts? I would love to give this a try, as I hope to move on to writing longer scripts at some point. I feel this might be a good start and a way to get my foot in the door.