What Drives Writers to Drink?; Cancel Culture Killing More Books; and More! – In The News – 01/01/2021

What Drives Writers to Drink?; Cancel Culture Killing More Books; and More! – In The News – 01/01/2021

More Selling, Less Lending
Kindle Lending Library to close on January 4th 2021
“Many of the bestsellers from major publishers were not available, but the entire Harry Potter series was, in addition to self-published titles from Kindle Direct Publishing system.”

Why Not Just Ask Permission From the Start?
“The creators thought their Star Trek primer would be ‘pretty well protected by parody,’ but acknowledged that ‘people in black robes may disagree. Indeed, we do,’ wrote Judge M. Margaret McKeown.”

If You’re Committing Arson, You’re NOT a “Journalist.”
Arkansas Far-Left Journalist Among 4 Charged in BLM Firebombings of Police Vehicles: Report
“Breaking into a police compound and firebombing a police vehicle with a homemade explosive device is clearly not a peaceful protest.”

In My Opinion, a Drunk is a Drunk – Genius or Otherwise…
What Drives Writers to Drink?
“And it’s even worse if the drunk guy is a writer. Because not only are writers very tricky—viciously down on themselves, impossibly in love with this or that…they also have language.”

We Need to Remember: It’s the Speech We DON’T Like That Must Be Protected.
A Cheerleader’s Vulgar Message Prompts a First Amendment Showdown
“In a concurring opinion, Judge Thomas L. Ambro wrote that he would have ruled for the student on narrower grounds. It would have been enough, he said, to say that her speech was protected by the First Amendment because it did not disrupt school activities.”

The Cancel Culture “Book Purge” Continues…
Massachusetts School Allegedly Bans ‘The Odyssey’ by Homer
“A Massachusetts school has reportedly removed ‘The Odyssey’ from its English curriculum as progressive education activists and critical race theory ideologues seek to ‘disrupt texts’ by purging material they deem objectionable from classrooms.”

It is SO Important to Educate Yourself, and Know What the Media is NOT Telling You!
Computer shop owner sues Twitter over Hunter Biden laptop story
“The emails detailing Hunter Biden’s shady overseas business dealings are reportedly now part of a federal tax probe into President-elect Joe Biden’s scandal-scarred son but social media giant Twitter immediately blocked users from sharing it online, claiming the reporting relied on ‘hacked materials.'”

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