A Canadian school district has censored an author…and you won’t believe why – In the News – 12/03/21

A Canadian school district has censored an author…and you won’t believe why – In the News – 12/03/21

This ABSURD action is offensive to every victim of rape and trafficking!
Canadian school district cancels speech by ISIS rape survivor, Nobel winner over ‘Islamophobia’ fears: report
“Twenty-eight-year-old Nadia Murad was scheduled to visit with students from 600 different schools to speak about her upcoming book, ‘The Last Girl: My Story Of Captivity…’ Murad’s book tells how she escaped the Islamic State after being taken from her home and sold into sexual slavery where she was raped and tortured at the age of 14.”

When parents don’t want their children reading about sex, molestation, and violence, SCHOOLS MUST LISTEN!
US libraries report spike in organised attempts to ban books in schools
“Social media is amplifying local challenges and they’re going viral, but we’ve also been observing a number of organisations activating local members to go to school board meetings and challenge books.”

He should be protested for his anti-trust activities.
Black Friday protests: Jeff Bezos caricature rides rocket as Extinction Rebellion block 15 Amazon depots
“Climate activists have blockaded over a dozen Amazon depots in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands as part of a Black Friday protest.”

What’s worse than bad poetry? Bad AI poetry!
Robot artist to perform AI generated poetry in response to Dante
“Ai-Da the robot, which will make history by becoming the first robot to publicly perform poetry written by its AI algorithms.”

Twitter is censoring citizen journalists.
Twitter’s Ban on ‘Private’ Pictures Empowers Corporate Media at the Expense of Citizen Journalists
“On the first day of Parag Agrawal’s tenure as Twitter CEO, the company banned the sharing of private photos or videos without consent. Sounds like a good policy, doesn’t it? Except the details are so vague, the ultimate outcome will be the banning of anyone who exposes individuals the establishment likes, while corporate media will be free to dox at will.”

This best selling author owes that man an apology…at the very least!!
He spent years in prison for the rape of author Alice Sebold, the subject of her memoir, ‘Lucky.’ A judge just exonerated him
“For decades, throughout his years in prison and even after he was released, Anthony Broadwater insisted he was innocent of the rape of ‘The Lovely Bones’ author Alice Sebold, a crime she described in her memoir, ‘Lucky.'”

Of COURSE they did!
Amazon Accused of Under-Reporting Covid Cases Contracted at Work
“Amazon.com Inc. provided ‘misleading or grossly incomplete’ data about the number of Covid-19 infections potentially spread in its U.S. facilities, according to a labor group calling on the federal government to investigate the company.”

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One Response to "A Canadian school district has censored an author…and you won’t believe why – In the News – 12/03/21"

  1. Tami Richards  December 4, 2021 at 11:27 am

    It’s not even a debate about whether what she’s written is true or not – it is! She’s one part (I didn’t know that was possible, btw) of a nobel peace prize! https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/peace/2018/murad/facts/ It’s a very frightening state of affairs indeed that the truth is being ignored in order to please the villains.