Writer Threatens Suit Against American Federation of Teachers for Fake Quote – In The News – 04/29/2022

Writer Threatens Suit Against American Federation of Teachers for Fake Quote – In The News – 04/29/2022

Of course they do!
Moves to Curb Big Tech’s Power Over News and Publishing Find Widespread Support
“Indeed, roughly 4-in-5 Americans – a remarkably high share – are concerned that Big Tech companies have too much power over the news and publishing industries (79%) and manipulate these industries for their own gain (78%).”

It takes a lawsuit threat to make Joy Reid actually seek some truth.
Jack Brewer demands Joy Reid apologize for ‘child abuse’ remark or he’ll file defamation suit
“‘My kids don’t identify with CRT because we don’t believe in it,’ he said. ‘We believe in loving everybody and not separating people by their skin color.'”

Making up quotes can get you into big legal trouble.
Christopher Rufo threatens ‘full-scale legal war’ against Randi Weingarten, AFT over doctored quote
“This is a doctored quotation. Delete it, @rweingarten,” …. “or I will wage legal war against you—and, as you have made up the middle part of the quote entirely, I will win.”

Lawsuit over Twitter’s censorship of free speech.
Former New York Times reporter suing over Twitter ban looking closely at Elon Musk takeover
“‘There’s this idea that somehow if we allow people free speech, there’ll be this complete breakdown,’ Berenson added. ‘That’s nonsense.'”

Florida fighting indoctrination of kids in school.
Florida mother on state rejecting math textbooks over CRT concerns: ‘Parents have had enough’
“The math scores in America are dismal,”…”So textbooks, math textbooks, should be focusing on numbers, on calculations and not on ideologies.”

How does this stuff have ANYTHING to do with MATH?
Florida releases 4 examples from math textbooks it rejected for public schools.
“We’re not going to allow and teach that a person simply by virtue of his or her race, color, national origin or sex is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive. That’s wrong,”

Add the U.S. to this list
How China’s Response to COVID-19 Set the Stage for a Worldwide Wave of Censorship
“China provided a playbook for information repression that spread around the world alongside the virus.”

Interesting read!
The Rise and Fall of the Star White House Reporter
“Washington reporters have long considered the role of White House correspondent to be the crown jewel of American political journalism. It has launched high-profile television careers, scored countless reporters book deals and been bestowed on media veterans for years of ink-drenched work.”


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