Copyright Fight Over Dead School Shooter’s Manifesto; and MUCH MORE! – In The News – 04/19/2024

Copyright Fight Over Dead School Shooter’s Manifesto; and MUCH MORE! – In The News – 04/19/2024

There’s something screwy going on with this manifesto.
Audrey Hale manifesto: Families of Nashville Christian school victims claim they own doc in fight over release
“A year later, both city police and the FBI continue to deny public records requests, claiming the manifesto is exempt from release because if it were to be made public, it could harm a potential investigation.”

School allows Pride club but won’t allow student Prayer club.
Fifth-grade girl speaks out after Washington school denied request to start interfaith prayer club
“Denying the formation of a religious student club while allowing other clubs violates the Constitution…”

New book from “Satanic Verses” author.
5 takeaways from Salman Rushdie’s new memoir ‘Knife’
“Rushdie instead saves his argumentative energy to make an appeal for freedom of speech – an ideal, he believes progressives and the left have left behind to their detriment…”

National Public Radio – Ministry of Propaganda
NPR whistleblower Uri Berliner resigns: ‘I cannot work in a newsroom where I am disparaged’
“Berliner, who said he voted against Trump twice, even said, ‘one of NPR’s best and most fair-minded journalists” said it was good to not cover the Hunter Biden laptop story because it could benefit Trump in 2020.'”

WOW! You mean DISCRIMINATION didn’t work … even when you flipped the roles??
University of North Carolina committee scraps DEI goals, roles in dramatic policy shift
“While maintaining UNC’s commitment to nondiscrimination, the new policy emphasizes maintaining ‘academic freedom,’ ‘institutional neutrality,’ ‘free speech and expression,’ and ‘equality of all persons and viewpoints.'”

Nearly three quarters of Tennesseans identify as Protestant Christians.
The Bible is now an official Tennessee book. The state is walking a constitutional tightrope.
“The Aitken Bible was the first edition of the Bible published in the United States during the Revolutionary War and joins other books including Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” and Alex Haley’s “Roots.” Both Parton and Haley are or were luminaries and Dolly has achieved the honorary status of sainthood for many fans.”

Has the world’s most mysterious text finally been cracked? Experts claim 600-year-old Voynich manuscript contains medieval SEX secrets
“Looking at the manuscript as an example of coded sexual information, the researchers say that we can start to make sense of the bizarre illustrations.”

We’ve traded education centers for indoctrination centers.
North Carolina high school student, 16, is suspended for saying ‘illegal alien’ in class
“His comment reportedly offended another student, who physically threatened McGhee which led to the involvement of school authorities at Central Davidson High School in Lexington, North Carolina.”

This has NOTHING to do with reading, writing, and arithmetic!
Michigan district defends teaching elementary kids grammar lesson on ‘tree,’ ‘ze’ pronouns
“You can use new ones like ze or create your own like tree! Some people use they, which is a perfect way. There are many more pronouns waiting to be discovered and used.”

Good Call! Why would anyone without kids have ANY say over what books are in school libraries?!
DeSantis signs bill limiting book objections in school libraries
“the new legislation “protects schools from activists trying to politicize and disrupt a district’s book review process.”

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