Battle Rages in Texas County over Puberty and Fart Books – In The News – 04-14-23

Battle Rages in Texas County over Puberty and Fart Books – In The News – 04-14-23


Battle rages in Texas county over Puberty, KKK, and Fart books.
Texas county will keep library system open and comply with judge’s order to put banned books back in circulation
“Jeff Scoggins paused from livestreaming the meeting to warn the commissioners that they will hear it from the voters if they bow to a ‘minority’ that is pushing to close the libraries.”

Amazon-owned online bookstore shuts down and we’re GLAD! (We’ll tell you why next week.)
Commentary: Book Depository closing isn’t surprising. The mourning over its demise is
“Book Depository focused exclusively on books, had a wider selection, and could even source rare books or those that were supposedly ‘out of print’.”

He talks the talk, but can’t walk the walk.
Gavin Newsom’s office fails to provide proof of Florida college book ban claimed by California governor
“Gavin Newsom is spreading lies and falsely claiming that ‘books are banned’ at New College of Florida,” … “He wants to put all Americans under the boot of DEI commissars and California’s failed policies.”

Copyright violations on the rise on Reddit.
Reddit Banned 5,853 Users for Excessive Copyright Infringement Last Year
“A similar trend emerges for users banned for excessive copyright infringement. In 2020, 303 users were banned, increasing to 2,813 users in 2021, reaching 5,853 last year. That’s close to a twentyfold increase in three years.”

Fox news sued for libel.
Jury selection begins in defamation lawsuit against Fox News
“Dominion is suing Fox for $1.6 billion, alleging it damaged the company by repeatedly airing such allegations. Internal Fox communications produced as part of the lawsuit show that many Fox executives and on-air hosts didn’t believe the claims but broadcast them anyway.”

Could big show writers strike soon? 
WGA Says “Survival Of Writing As A Profession Is At Stake In This Negotiation” As Strike Authorization Voting Begins
“Nobody wants to see production halt, obviously, but now we need to see some action, some real increases and equity.”

No American journalist should still be working in Russia at this point.
Journalist expelled from Russia warns detained WSJ reporter has few rights, US few options
“He’s not being given due process. And in fact, under the law in Russia, they don’t have to – he’s forbidden from revealing the details of the accusation against him,” Satter said.

Satire site sues against California censorship law.
Babylon Bee sues California AG to stop social media ‘censorship’ law: ‘They get it wrong on purpose’
“They’re claiming it’s just about ‘transparency.’ That’s not true. This is a censorship bill, not a transparency bill,” Dillon wrote.

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