Iran’s Deadly Message to Journalists Abroad; and much more! – In The News – 04/11/2024

Iran’s Deadly Message to Journalists Abroad; and much more! – In The News – 04/11/2024

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Iranian terrorists are coming after Iranian journalists who are reporting from other countries.
Iran’s Deadly Message to Journalists Abroad
“On March 29, a friend of mine, the Iranian journalist Pouria Zeraati, was crossing the road outside his Wimbledon home in southwestern London, to get his car. A man approached him and asked for change; then another man, with his face covered, gave Zeraati a bear hug while the first man stabbed him several times in the back of his thigh…”

Did you know these hearings were happening?
Journalist Catherine Herridge Breaks Silence on Capitol Hill Over Source-Protection Legal Battle: ‘I Hope I Am the Last’
“Herridge, who has been held in contempt of court for not revealing her sources for stories about a scientist who was investigated by the FBI…”

Here is Catherine Herridge’s Story
Judge holds veteran journalist Catherine Herridge in civil contempt for refusing to divulge source
“Herridge, published an investigative series for Fox News in 2017 that examined Chen’s ties to the Chinese military and raised questions about whether the scientist was using a professional school she founded in Virginia to help the Chinese government get information about American servicemembers.”

But the government isn’t the only one that wants to silence a Free Press.
News giant pushes journalists to avoid reporting ‘other side’
“When ‘telling the climate story,’ the style guide urges journalists to ‘avoid false balance—giving a platform to unfounded claims or unqualified sources in the guise of balancing a story by including all views.”

And, even MORE biased news…paid for with YOUR tax dollars.
NPR scandal: Whistleblower scolding outlet’s liberal slant puts spotlight on organization’s federal funding
“A veteran National Public Radio journalist caused a scandal for his employer on Tuesday with a scathing piece accusing NPR of liberal groupthink, renewing interest in how much cash American taxpayers pay for The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), and NPR more broadly”

Has Amazon actually created ANY of its own ideas??
Amazon owes Chicago-based tech company $525 million for patent infringement, jury rules
“Amazon Web Services used Kove’s technology as a building block for some of its cloud services, the lawsuit alleged. The Amazon subsidiary itself is like an ‘on-demand cloud computing platform,’”

But NOBODY watched your lousy series!!
Terrence Howard Says CAA Owes Him $120 Million in ‘Empire’ Pay Dispute: ‘I Want My Money’
“’How do you negotiate $2 million for a white cat and negotiate $325,000 for a black cat?’ he said.”

FORCED indoctrination – if you want to move up in the State Dept.
State Department mandates support for DEI ideology as prerequisite for promotions: ‘You are judged’
“The order was also responsible for the formation of senior DEI positions, such as the one previously held by Abercrombie-Winstanley and now occupied by Zakiya Carr Johnson, the new State Department diversity chief.”

Well, that didn’t last long!
Harvard announces return to required testing
“But the data reveal that other measures — recommendation letters, extracurriculars, essays — are even more prone to such biases. Considering standardized test scores is likely to make the admissions process at Harvard more meritocratic while increasing socioeconomic diversity.”

I wonder what their answer would have been if she’d wanted to start a Satan club?
Fifth-grade girl speaks out after Washington school denied request to start interfaith prayer club
“School allegedly accepted a request for a Pride group one week earlier.”

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