Reporter Earned £500 for Article That AI Wrote in 30 Seconds – In the News – 01/27/2023

Reporter Earned £500 for Article That AI Wrote in 30 Seconds – In the News – 01/27/2023

The 600 pound gorilla in the room.
Report: Bezos Sits in WaPo Meeting as Editors Shape Coverage About Amazon
“The Post lost half a million subscribers since President Joe Biden took office, and publisher Fred Ryan announced last month that the paper will begin laying off staff.”

Destroying ourselves with technology.
How ChatGPT Will Destabilize White-Collar Work
“It will be important for individuals to stay up to date on the latest developments in AI and to consider how their skills and expertise can be leveraged in a world where machines are increasingly able to perform many tasks.”

Are American jobs in peril?
I’m going to lose my job to an AI – ChatGPT does an hour of my work in seconds
“‘My amusement quickly turned to horror: it had taken ChatGPT roughly 30 seconds to create, for free, an article that I charged £500 for,’ Williams said.”

I prefer that my pastor come up with his own sermons with divine help; not AI help.
A sermon written by AI – are robotic rabbis next?
“While technology might be able to mimic emotions and write in-depth about human relationships, it cannot feel and it has no soul, the rabbi argued.”

Perhaps they should try honest news reporting.
The Billionaire Era in News is Fizzling
“Time has morphed into a global events business with a studio that, I’m told, accounts for about a third of its revenue, and which hopes to break even this year.”

So, EU regulators get to choose which posts are “disinformation?” 
European official warns Musk era of ‘Wild West’ for free speech is over: ‘There will be sanctions’
“Under the new regulatory framework, which aims to protect the rights of online users and remove illegal content or disinformation, platforms could expect to be fined up to 6 per cent of their annual revenue if found to violate the rules by EU regulators.”

There is nothing real in social media.
TICKED OFF TikTok has a button than can make anyone go viral – it’s a mind-boggling secret users must know
“The term ‘heating’ refers to a manual button which staff can push that makes sure specific videos ‘achieve a certain number of views,’ sources told the American outlet.”

I’m skeptical. The administration is too dependent on Silicone Valley money.
Justice Department sues Google over dominance in online advertising
“By neutralizing rivals and forcing publishers to use its products, Google was able to dictate the rules of the marketplace for online ads, the lawsuit says.”

The trend is spreading.
‘Robots are treated better’: Amazon warehouse workers stage first-ever strike in the UK
“Wednesday’s action against the firm is the first legally mandated strike to take place in the U.K. Amazon’s U.K. staff previously stopped working spontaneously in August and on Black Friday in November.”

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2 Responses to "Reporter Earned £500 for Article That AI Wrote in 30 Seconds – In the News – 01/27/2023"

  1. Werner  January 27, 2023 at 8:32 pm

    Sorry for the misspellings – especially your name. One too many glasses of wine with dinner.

  2. Werner  January 27, 2023 at 8:31 pm

    We may not like it, Anglea, in fact we may hate it, but AI articles are and will be our reality going forward. This is a technology we can’t fight, the best we can do is learn to embrace it and learn to use it to our advantage.