COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Be Careful When Posting Links with Embedded Images – In the News – 01/21/2022

COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Be Careful When Posting Links with Embedded Images – In the News – 01/21/2022

* Journalistic Integrity
NPR accused of publishing falsehood
Disputed NPR report claimed Gorsuch refused to wear mask despite plea from Sotomayor: ‘100% false’
“The source further stated Justice Sotomayor did not make any such request to Justice Gorsuch. I’m told, given that fact, there was also no refusal by Justice Gorsuch.”…”NPR did not immediately respond to a request for comment. “

…and THEN (allegedly) did a word game tap-dance to avoid issuing a retraction
NPR public editor admits SCOTUS story ‘merits clarification,’ says reporter’s word choice was ‘misleading’
“The editor also admitted NPR ‘risks losing credibility with audience members’ without any sort of clarification and that ‘the disconnect between the story and Chief Justice Roberts’ statement is concerning to many NPR listeners and readers who wrote to us.'”

* Copyright
The musician’s retirement plan – sell your music catalog
Music catalogs are fetching huge deals. Are they overvalued?
“Bruce Springsteen in December reached a deal with Sony Music Entertainment to sell his master recordings and songs for $500 million. Warner Chappell Music early this month bought David Bowie’s songwriting catalog for $250 million.”

* Publishing
Impressive research and reporting!
‘Red-Handed’ Contains 1,093 Endnotes, No Unnamed Sources
“Schweizer’s track record investigating both Republicans and Democrats is well-established, winning him a unique mix of bipartisan praise for his investigative work from both the left and the right. After the release of Clinton Cash, liberal columnist Eleanor Clift called Schweizer ‘an equal-opportunity investigator, snaring Republicans as well as Democrats.’”

* Journalism
How to sniff out manipulative reporting
Why It’s Important to Notice When Journalists Use Adjectives
“The core point is that it’s important to be aware of subjective qualifiers and adjectives so that you can be on alert and then decide for yourself whether the descriptor should be accepted or not. It is important to notice, question and challenge adjectives that journalists use so that you are not manipulated or misled.”

* Journalism
Vaguely reminiscent of our favorite recent binge: “The Morning Show”
Ex-Editor Scorches NY Post in Shocking Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
“In the complaint, filed Tuesday by law firm Wigdor LLP, Gotthelf claimed that in the fall of 2015, Allan, then the Post’s editor-in-chief, sexually propositioned her during one dinner meeting and then retaliated against her for rejecting his advances.”

* Copyright
If you repost a link that includes an embedded image, can you be sued for copyright infringement? 
Bleacher Report Sued For Using New York Giants Player’s Image Without Photographer Consent
“Based on a review of the complaint and the exhibit attached therewith, it appears that the image at issue was actually published by the New York Post but embedded on Bleacher Report with a link to an external article. If true, then this case is not a typical copyright infringement matter.”

* Defamation / Journalism
Even with named sources, Peruvian court convicted the author AND publisher!
Peruvian court convicts author, publication director on defamation charges for book on politician
“…all the book’s allegations against Acuña are contained in direct quotes from people he interviewed, news stories in the Peruvian media, investigations carried out by the Attorney General’s office, and testimony from lawsuits and congressional hearings.”

* Amazonannigans
Profit before safety: Did Amazon fail to keep employees safe when a tornado was heading toward its warehouse?
Family Of Amazon Delivery Driver Killed When Tornado Hit Downstate Warehouse Files Lawsuit
“‘Amazon knew a tornado was coming, but made the decision to have our son and others work during a peak delivery season for Amazon instead of evacuating the area,’ said Alice McEwen.”

* Copyright
The battle goes on over libraries “loaning” ebooks.
Maryland Defends Its Library E-book Law, Seeks Dismissal of AAP Lawsuit
“The Maryland e-book law went into effect on January 1. It requires that publishers offering e-books to consumers in the state must also offer to license the works to public libraries on ‘reasonable’ terms.”

* Copyright / Piracy
This is all fine and good…but how do you collect?
Authors Win $7.8 Million Default Judgment in Global Piracy Lawsuit
“According to court filings, two Ukrainian nationals, Rodion Vynnychenko and Artem Besshapochny, created and operated Kiss Library through a variety of websites and domains to offer pirated copies of literary works.”

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