Newspaper Forced to Close After Employee Embezzled All Its Money – In The News – 01/03/2024

Newspaper Forced to Close After Employee Embezzled All Its Money – In The News – 01/03/2024

I do ALL of the accounting for our company because of my fear of this type of thing. I was an accountant in my 20s.
Oregon Newspaper Stops Printing After Embezzlement Leaves It in ‘Shambles’
“A weekly newspaper in Oregon abruptly stopped publishing and laid off all of its workers after an employee embezzled tens of thousands of dollars and left months of bills unpaid, its editor said.”

ABOUT DARN TIME! When you cheat to get ahead, you deserve to be FIRED!
Harvard University President Claudine Gay resigns amid plagiarism claims
“Her tenure is the shortest in the university’s history.”

So, now it’s okay to let some employees cheat because of the color of their skin?
Associated Press calls plagiarism ‘new conservative weapon’ after Harvard president scandal
“AP spokeperson said widely criticized story was not up to its standards.”

My opinion? They only want him dragged into court so they can get attention for themselves.
Eminem seeks protective order against reality stars in trademark battle
“Grammy Award-winner Eminem is declining reality stars’ Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon’s request to appear in court in their ongoing trademark battle over the name of their podcast, ‘Reasonably Shady.'”

Good for her! I would do the same thing!!
Israeli News Anchor Lital Shemesh Wields Gun Live On Air Amid Fear Of Another Potential Hamas Attack
“In light of the intricate security circumstances and ongoing conflicts in Israel, numerous women have chosen to arm themselves with firearms. One such woman is Lital Shemesh, a news presenter from Channel 14, who appeared on air Tuesday with a gun tucked inside her pants next to the microphone on her hip.”

Mickey and Minnie always gave me the creeps anyway…
Mickey Mouse Horror Movie Trailer Drops: Film Uses ‘Steamboat Willie’ Version Of Character That’s Now In Public Domain
“At 12:01 am this morning, the earliest iteration of one of the world’s most beloved children’s characters entered the public domain. Shortly thereafter, the trailer for a slasher film called Mickey’s Mouse Trap was posted online.”

I’m for the plaintiff on this one.
Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ cover at the center of child p*rn lawsuit again after court revives case
“The court reasoned last week, however, that ‘each republication’ of the image ‘may constitute new personal injury,’ including a 2021 re-release of the album for its 30th anniversary, and sent the case back to the lower court.”

Expect MANY more of these types of lawsuits!
Microsoft, OpenAI sued by New York Times over copyright infringement
“The New York Times on Wednesday filed a lawsuit in federal court against OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging that the companies used the Times’ content to train artificial intelligence (AI) models without permission, infringing the outlet’s copyrights in the process.”

What a MORON!!!
Michael Cohen admits to inadvertently citing fake cases generated by AI in legal motion
“Cohen said in his sworn declaration released Friday that he had found the phony citations through Google Bard, an AI service that he said he thought was a ‘supercharged’ search engine.”

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