How A Question From a Congressman About Adam Led Me To Write “The DNA of Jesus Christ” – by William “Sonny” Payne

How A Question From a Congressman About Adam Led Me To Write “The DNA of Jesus Christ” – by William “Sonny” Payne

My book, The DNA of Jesus Christ, came about in Fredricksburg, VA.

Some congressmen, key people in Washington D.C., my wife, and I had met for a weekend of prayer when a congressman asked me, “Sonny, what happened when Adam and Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden?”

First of all, my mind went to the fact that they violated God’s Word by eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Then, the thought came to me regarding the physical aspect of their eating the fruit. It put me on a research study as to what actually happened to them physically.

I wrote an article on it regarding the effect it had on their blood system and DNA, and then sent it to my congressman friend who, in turn, sent it to a research immunologist friend for a possible answer. His friend responded by saying that the eating of the fruit could have caused a retrovirus or oxidative stress.

I knew what retro meant (back or backwards) but, not being a biologist, I did not know specifically what he meant by virus. When I looked up the word “virus” it showed snake venom, from Latin, literally “slimy liquid, poison.” I was astounded since the serpent talked them into eating of the fruit. This is on page 37 of my book, The DNA of Jesus Christ. It was later that I knew I had to write a book on the subject, which is published by BookLocker. It has done well, with some great reviews on Amazon, and is still selling. We have been advertising it on our weekly television program The Jerusalem Chronicles.

There is much controversy today concerning Jesus Christ. Was He really God’s Son? Could God have a Son without a female sexual encounter? Could His Son come to earth, be born of a virgin, and yet inherit no DNA from a human source? If He was God’s Son, how could He become a man? Why was Jesus’ blood and DNA more important than any person who has ever lived, and why did He have to die, and rise from the dead? How does Jesus Christ’s DNA affect our blood system, our decisions in life, and our eternal destiny? These are valid questions that needed to be answered.

In an age of postmodernism, the new age movement, paganism, and secular humanism, many are looking for answers to life, trying to figure out why they exist, what their purpose is for living, and if there really is a God. And, what about evil? Will it will ever cease to exist? Why is blood the most important element in the human body, which has a voice even after death? How did the first man and woman (Adam and Eve) affect the blood system of every person who has ever been born, except One?

Is there really life after death? What happens to a person when they die and where do they go? Is there really a place called Heaven, and a place called Hell? The answers to all the above questions are in the pages of this book, and will change your life forever.

God bless.

William L. “Sonny” Payne, Jr. has spent over 30 years of study and teaching on blood and blood covenanting, and is a learned expositor on Jewish history, the Temple, it’s sacrifices and priesthood, having obtained the first TV footage of excavations at Temple Mount dating back to King Solomon.


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