A Mayan Energy Leader and Yellow Stickie Notes Lead to Author’s First Book AND Her Own Business! – by Rhonda Moffatt

A Mayan Energy Leader and Yellow Stickie Notes Lead to Author’s First Book AND Her Own Business! – by Rhonda Moffatt

cover of seeing energyIf you’re a Canadian professional studying energy-work for more than three decades, and you’re given clear direction after stumbling upon a Mayan reader mountainside in Costa Rica – you certainly follow that direction!

I came across my Mayan energy reader while vacationing in Costa Rica. That following an entire career working in legal administration (while engaged in various energy/wellness courses and accreditations part-time).

Her “shop” was more than an hour from the resort so I figured a day-trip was in order. I told myself I would simply pop in to satisfy my curiosity. (I had discovered her over the internet).

Isn’t it funny though how life puts certain people in your path?

Her shop wasn’t situated in some cute tourist area. In fact, it was so out-of-the-way that not even the hired driver could find this place. (He eventually had to call the woman and she talked us in.)  Upon pulling up on a remote dirt road, the driver pointed up the hill to a laneway nestled beside a wooden veranda.

No signage. No store-front. Just fruit trees, iguanas, and birds. Strange, perhaps, by Western standards, although somehow refreshingly eclectic being 6,725 kilometers from home.

When the SUV came to a stop, my partner turned to me, and said: “We’re really off the beaten path here. If you think I’m leaving you alone in this place, think again!”

For a brief moment I had the notion: “Yeah, he might be onto something…”

In spite of the caution, some hopeful thoughts started churning through my mind: “Something connected me with this reader, and drew me to this place.  Right now. Here. Today. What are the odds that I find this woman, quite by happenstance, on-line in Costa Rica? Further, that the driver actually found this place, that the reader was at home on this day, and that she had the afternoon available to read me? There are no coincidences,” I thought. “I’m doing this!”

Now, all I had to do was to convince my partner that this was a good idea. It took plenty of coaxing before he (reluctantly) agreed to leave, and meet me for a surf lesson after my reading with this mysterious woman.

In hindsight, I’m delighted that I followed my instinct, and proceeded to meet with the Mayan reader. The insight into her practice was thought provoking. During our three-hour session, she mapped out my Mayan-path. During my lengthy reading, she exclaimed, “Learn Feng Shui, write a book, and open a company reflecting energy-work. You will be successful.”

The reading resonated with me – to my core. The reader’s words continued to enter my thoughts for the rest of the vacation, and on the plane ride home.

Back to reality where my day job was drudgery, I re-engaged with the reader’s words and I quit my six-figure-a-year job, and investigated where I could study Feng Shui locally. Yup, just like that. And, guess what? There was a teacher living half an hour from my home. I signed up for the introductory classes right away, and began studying.

At some point during my studies, it occurred to me that, for nearly 30 years, I’d been collecting sticky-notes, as well as numerous articles based on various energy-work. I compiled all of these in my home-office. Then, a friend of mine who was visiting one Sunday morning for coffee, looked over what I’d gathered, and said: “You know, this is a book just waiting to be written.”

Go figure.

I spent the rest of that year studying Feng Shui, and composing the book. The manuscript was published the following Spring. Then, I completed my Feng Shui studies, and launched my company one year after that.

The theme of my book, Seeing Energyis about the awareness of personal Universal-energy, and how to follow your own life-path. After practising what I preach – and following direction from the moment it crossed my path under such unusual circumstances – I’ve just entered my fifth year in business.

Yes, really – You can’t make this stuff up!


Useful wellness and energy applications based in Traditional Chinese (Yang) Feng Shui, Reiki and traditional energy work show that healing holds information that provides you alignment with your goals and positive, harmonic flow in your life.

The intention of this work is to provide a place to get you thinking about (and then, perhaps acting upon) your own transition processes.

The concepts offered here act as a conduit or intermediary to/during transition. The intention is that they are to be used as connection-agents and/or communication-intimacy-conduits using intuition and proven centuries-old techniques. The tools offered in this book teach people to open into those platforms; illuminating the light in and for themselves and their surroundings.

This work offers practical insights and applications on how to “see” your own energy and build positive environments that nourish the body, mind, spirit.

This work offers practical insights and applications on how to “see” your own energy and build positive environments that nourish the body, mind, spirit.


Rhonda is like a breath of fresh air. Her expertise is her ability to use these tools to move you forward and become a better person, a more fulfilled person or achieve your goals. She is insightful and intelligent and the way she communicates the process, the results and her passion are clear and her joy is contagious. Rhonda brought me a sense of direction and peace and set me on my path forward. – Nicola, Manotick, Ontario


There were early signs of Rhonda Moffatt’s passion for work in the wellness field. Cosmetology-related toys and activities in pre-school, in grade school, and then her high school studies in wellness reflected that. It was the transitions of that work that fascinated her. The energetic shifts held her curiosity. They still do. Through three decades of part-time, then full-time study and practice of Feng Shui, Reiki, and Eastern-disciplines, she has learned to see energy, and then to go with the flow.


Angela is not only the publisher of WritersWeekly.com. She is President & CEO of BookLocker.com,
a self-publishing services company that has been in business since 1998. Ask her anything.


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