From Proverbial Napkin Notes to Published Book! – by Joy Osaka-Lu

From Proverbial Napkin Notes to Published Book! – by Joy Osaka-Lu

The Dharma of Business – an Alchemy to Change the Nature of Business came into the material world on the proverbial back of a napkin. I was bold enough to invite a woman I had long admired, Wanda Wen, owner of Soolip, a luxury stationary store in West Hollywood, CA, to lunch because I wanted to learn her story. Her shop allowed me to dream about what life could be beyond my imagination.

She believes in the beauty in the art of living…which includes everyone, and doesn’t infer one need be an artist to do so. That was what I saw in her shop even though I couldn’t put words to it.

As we talked, she asked me for my story and, when I shared my perspective about the potential impact a business’s success could have on the world, for perpetuity, she closed her eyes and told me, “You must write a book…because I want to read it. It can change everything.”

We all have the capability to breath our life into the words we speak and write but the true power of a story is in the audience or readers’ hands. They catch the words they recognize like seeds…the seeds that reflect the parts of themselves they have not yet seen or heard from.

I had been told by many people to write a book about my perspective of people’s potential but it took one person, a very special person I dreamed of knowing, to encourage me to set the trajectory. The book was written in two weeks, but took months to refine as others’ eyes looked at it. That is the beauty of any story. Words are spoken in written form as they flow through the writer with the purpose to be seen by others. I believe in the overlooked power of our stories, especially those at work, and that we build the future today. It’s the reason why the velocity of change and polarity is increasing. Many of us realize this.

For those in the corporate space, it may seem like the future, or one’s truth of who they are, is so far away. And yet, this aspect of ourselves shows itself to each of us every day, especially at the office. So, I translated abstract concepts like Vision and Right Livelihood into on-the-ground, material business concerns like risk and change management…and the very small shifts that can change everything.

I translated my 34 years of corporate space into this book because no matter the size, sector, profit model, geographic reach, or location, the patterns were the same because the root cause of business issues was the same. It reflects the fulfillment of bringing the truth of who I was into the investment management sector, and the immense paradigm changes that resulted because of that one small shift.

The book uses the metaphor of a dharma wheel with 8 tenets and high aspirational principles that contain within it the layers of the individual in the center, and how the tenet translates into their lives that connects to the business they work for and how the tenet translates into its operations, which then is connected to the larger world and its resources.

The book dispels the myth that change is hard, or takes a long time. As you know, your life can change in an instant and the same can be said for a business’ dharma, or original essence for being. It happens daily, either locked into outdated practices or evolving for everyone’s benefit.

And, even if you don’t know yourself in this way, so do you.


Learn how small shifts within you can change both your life and how business creates profit that sustains, scales and builds a positive legacy for the world. This book alchemizes the real world of business with the real purpose of the individuals who work in it by being neither intellectual nor spiritual but both.

The Dharma of Business – an Alchemy to Change the Nature of Business is available from the publisher,, as well as from Amazon,, and many other stores. If purchasing from BookLocker, use this discount code when checking out to get 10% off: Backstory

Joy Osaka-Lu is an Empowered Alignment Speaker, Coach, and Author who helps people find the overlooked power in their lives, careers and relationships. After working 34 years in the corporate space, she saw the same patterns across industries regardless of the company establishment date, size, or profit model. She founded One Ripple®, LLC to teach people how the smallest shift in their energetic core creates highly practical forward movement actions … in fact, One Ripple can change everything®.



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