Author Avoids Literary Scam, and Later Publishes 4 Books! – by Cheryl Shoquist

Author Avoids Literary Scam, and Later Publishes 4 Books! – by Cheryl Shoquist

My writing career began more than 30 years ago.

I started writing songs to play on my guitar in my early teens. But, that was just for fun. It wasn’t until my divorce that the writing bug really bit me. I was looking for some way to earn money from home to support my young children. I saw an ad in a magazine seeking people to write children’s books. I was excited, and answered the ad, thinking that it was just what I was looking for. The criteria was to write an article, and send it in for evaluation of my writing skills, and possible publication and pay. So, I sat down, and began writing. Before I knew it, a story began developing in my mind faster than I could type it!

I then sent it in, and waited. I was on pins and needles, waiting for a response. The day I got the reply, I was giddy.

But, I opened it and my heart sunk. They said that they loved the story…and they wanted me to send them $5,000 so that they could teach me how to write.


I was a single Mom and I just did not have that kind of money. However, their praise encouraged me to try a “real” publishing company. I sent it to one in New York. Unfortunately, I got the same response: They loved it, and wanted a lot of money to publish it, which I did not have.

However, by this time, I’d been bitten by the writing bug. I knew that I had found my calling in life – my purpose. It continued to be a hobby but I knew that, one day, professional writing would become a reality for me.

I continued to write in my spare time. I wrote manuscript after manuscript. It was like creative flood gates had opened within me and all I wanted to do was write. In those parenting years, I was able to hone my writing skills to levels that I was sure were given to me by God. There was no other explanation. I came up with story lines, and created characters that surprised and delighted me, constantly validating the fact to myself that I should be an author.

When I held my first ever published book in hand….I was in tears. I was actually holding my dream in my hand and it was beautiful and so fulfilling! Nothing ever gave me a greater sense of achievement and accomplishment (other than my children) than my writing. It will forever fill me with that sensation.

Publishing is a far different animal than writing articles and columns. The literary world is chock full of competition, rejection, and disappointment. I will continue to write books, and create characters and storylines, because I love to. My heart tells me to.

I have four published books on the market.

Moments In Time
The Journey
Echoes in the Darkness

Writing is the greatest love of my heart (aside from my family, as nothing compares to them), and I will either become a successful author with God’s love and Grace – or I will just keep on piling manuscripts up on my desk.

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