Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? This Age-old Question Spurs Author to Write a FANTASTIC Book! – by Cheryl Shoquist

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? This Age-old Question Spurs Author to Write a FANTASTIC Book! – by Cheryl Shoquist

The mysteries of the universe, life, fate, destiny, a life plan, and God are all facets of life that are continually perplexing. They can cause confusion and upheaval in many forms. But, what does it all mean? Who has the answers? As we stare into the dark night, watching the full moon and all the stars, we see an endless amount of universe and space and it all has to mean something grand, awesome, and phenomenal or what would be the point of it all? People from all walks of life are in wonderment over these unanswerable questions.

My answers are simple and yet romantically complex and grandiose. It’s all created and intricately planned by God our Father. The real questions and challenges are: Why? Why do bad things happen? It is claimed that God has the power to move mountains, to make changes, and to heal people. So, why doesn’t he? Why does he make us go through so much? If we need to “earn” our place in Heaven, how do we do this? How can we accomplish all that we need to do, to get to Heaven, in just one life? Some people have long lives, some have very short. What makes the difference?

For me, I believe in the possibility of reincarnation and past lives. I think it is that which holds the dramatic pieces to this interlaced puzzle called Life. I have wondered about these things for years and then I became passionate about writing this book.

The Journey follows one couple’s quest from creation through many different lives, and surpasses many years and eras while in search of each other. Their father sent them on this educational journey to learn many facets of living. Each life that they transfer into holds secrets and experiences that help form and shape them as the kind of children that their father wants them to mature into.

No great emotion is realized fully until one can see the other side of it. Death makes us appreciate life. Illness makes us appreciate good health. Poverty helps us appreciate the little things, and the list goes on. In this educational journey, this couple faces those tumultuous emotional upheavals both together and alone. Each life gets down to the spiritual core of what their father wants them to experience, and why. Each life that this couple goes through demonstrates a different problem that is faced by many people today, and how it is solved.

This is a poignant and emotionally charged book that I hope will give people another perspective on God, religion, and the purpose of life. I am hoping that this book will give hope and strength to people of Faith and of Non Faith. I want to bring more people to the feet of Christ so that more people can live a Godly life, comforted in the knowledge that we will all have the answers one day when it is our turn to look into the amazing face of God our Father when he welcomes us Home.

Cheryl Shoquist’s many years of writing includes 3 other published books, Drunkenland, Echoes in the Darkness, and Moments in Time. Her ability to write on different genres gives depth and an added adventure to her creations. She lives in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State with her children and grandchildren.



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