The Book of Revelation Tells Us WHAT Will Happen. But, Is the Story Presented Out of Order? – by Charles Huettner

The Book of Revelation Tells Us WHAT Will Happen. But, Is the Story Presented Out of Order? – by Charles Huettner

Like the original Disciples, Charles Huettner was drawn to the ministry from another profession. He was a B-747 pilot, a government executive, the aviation adviser in the White House on 9/11, and has a B.S. Degree from the University of Akron, a Masters Degree from Harvard, and a Diploma in Theological Studies from the Virginia Theological Seminary.

“Oh My God!” I sat up in bed, and knew that I had received a revelation about the “Book of Revelation,” the book in the Bible that has fascinated and puzzled people for nearly two thousand years. As I pondered Revelation over the years, it seemed incomprehensible. It appears to be written chronologically from the time of John forward, to the next world. Yet, the stories of the harlot, various beasts, plagues, etc. seemed to not tell a smooth flowing, understandable story.

Many verses start with “Then” or contain “and then,” which seemed to indicate that the next actions in the story followed the preceding. But, the text did not seem clear. On the other hand, Revelation is obviously a prophecy written to tell Christians throughout the centuries what will happen in advance so we will persevere, and keep the faith. A book telling Christians what will happen, yet presenting a story that is not clear, seemed to be a contradiction.

The admonition in Revelation 22:19 to “not take away any of the words of this prophecy,” got me wondering why the focus was on words. It begged the question, “If I had to consider and use every word of the prophecy to understand it, what could be changed that would provide me greater insight?” I wrestled with how to understand these things for many years.

Then came the revelation that night to connect Jesus’ words in the Gospels when the apostles asked Him about the end of the age with the words in the Revelation text. I was shocked to discover that the words in Revelation are true, but the order of the events described may not be. This is a way that God could give all mankind the same words to read over the ages, yet seal up Revelation’s full understanding until the end time. This is the hypothesis of my book “Jesus Reveals Revelation.”

But, why would John write Revelation out of order? The answer to this question is that he didn’t. He wrote it in the order of the visions that God showed him. Rev 1:10 – 11, “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I heard behind me a loud voice like {the sound} of a trumpet, saying, ‘Write in a book what you SEE, and send {it} to the seven churches.” But, I believe that God did not show John the events described in the order in which they would take place, thereby sealing up the Revelation prophecy until the end times. My spine tingled as I made this connection.

I believe that the “Book of Revelation” is the chronological prophecy of what John saw unfold as scenes in heaven, scenes on earth, flashbacks, and prophecies. The word “then” means what John saw next not necessarily what would happen next. John’s experience is like watching a play where you see all the acts and scenes of the play, but not in order, and then you are told to write what you saw. It is only by reordering these scenes that the true chronology and prophecy emerges.

But, how should you reorder it? By basing it on what Jesus said to his disciples in the Gospels. Jesus, therefore, reveals the Revelation prophecy.

I believe that God did not want the true chronology to be known until the end times so that each generation would believe and look to the day of Christ’s return, even if it was actually to be hundreds of years away. As we enter the end times, He wants us to know the straight story so that believers will be comforted, encouraged, and persevere.

As I wrote “Jesus Reveals Revelation,” the scriptures began to open up and I received greater understanding as I wrote each subsequent draft. What emerged is an understandable end time prophecy and chronology, with distinct subdivisions based on Jesus’ words in the Gospels, and God’s involvement with his chosen people and recipients of His covenants, the Jews and the Christians. The prophecy also answers many questions that have puzzled mankind, such as what happens to us when we die and why a loving God would permit evil in the world?

My hair still stands up on end as I reread what I have been inspired to write.


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