“What’s the best thing I can offer potential readers during my book blog tour?”

“What’s the best thing I can offer potential readers during my book blog tour?”

Q –

Hi Angela,

I have scheduled a blog tour to promote my newest book. What’s the best thing I can offer to people who haven’t yet decided to buy my book?


A –

The best piece of advice we can give is to offer people something for free if they come to your website and subscribe to your own newsletter or blog. That way, you can keep contacting them (with quality editorial content, of course – not spam) if they don’t buy your book right away.

Also, be sure to tell them they can click to read a free excerpt of your book, and have that on your website as well. Don’t send people directly to Amazon because….you never know what Amazon might to do a book listing in the future. Always send potential readers to YOUR online real estate (your website) first.

Additional advice on offering freebies to get people to subscribe to your mailing list is available in this book:


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