That All-Too-Common “Life Threatening Illness” Excuse…

Hi, Angela,

I sent a magazine a story a couple years ago now, and after repeated follow-ups (I’m a pretty patient person still working toward my first print fiction clip), I got word this summer that they had accepted my story for publication in their next issue. The e-mail said that their publisher had been in a life-threatening accident and was recovering, but they thought the next issue would be out soon. That was in July. I sent them an e-mail again in November to request an update as to when that issue would be coming out, but I haven’t received a response yet. In the past, I always got a response within a couple days. I can’t find any info about them when I do a web search, but they are listed in the 2006 Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market.

I have heard the “life threatening illness/accident” story about a hundred times, always associated with payments being late. I mean, if the company really is big enough to have the publisher’s mail being answered by someone else, don’t you think someone else is also paying the bills?

Sounds like B.S. to me.