Should I Pay Brilliant Books Literary to Showcase My Book at a Book Festival?

Should I Pay Brilliant Books Literary to Showcase My Book at a Book Festival?

An author forwarded an email he received from Brilliant Books Literary / Like many of these types of solicitations, the email makes it look like they actually read the authors book (offering praise). I seriously doubt that is the case. wanted to showcase the author’s book at a large book festival. The author wanted to know if it was a good deal.

1. The email did not quote a price but it offered 40% off. Uh huh.

2. Their website is a pain. The box to subscribe kept popping up over and over again and I had a hard time viewing anything after clicking on the links at the top of the page.

3. I gave up trying to get any info. from the website itself, and moved on over to Google instead.

4. has an F Rating on Don’t miss the one-star reviews and the complaints. I can’t imagine anyone reading those hiring Brilliant Books Literary to do anything.

5. Check out this image posted by Writer Beware.

I always tell authors to avoid book fairs. Rather than repeat myself, read these:


Angela is not only the publisher of She is President & CEO of,
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One Response to "Should I Pay Brilliant Books Literary to Showcase My Book at a Book Festival?"

  1. Richard McHenry  February 10, 2024 at 2:56 pm

    Since the majority of authors honestly don’t have a clue how to get their self-published book noticed by the public, and most of us are not in the untiring business of pushing, pushing, pushing to bang down doors, pay for ads, travel to venues, besiege radio stations and bookstores for a slice of the pie… well, they are beguiled into thinking a book fair might help them get some recognition. I, myself, think I have a great book (no CAll Me By Your Name) in the tiny m/m romantic/erotic genre — but it is naturally ignored or mostly unknown. My problem. As with many others… who write poetry, or are in a category of a basically unpopular interest. Regardless of how finely written or not.