“Should Amazon be notified about my upcoming author event?”

“Should Amazon be notified about my upcoming author event?”

Q – 


Could you notify Amazon that they may be getting some orders because my book is being showcased by the San Diego Library?

A –

Amazon will not stock a book based on any upcoming small display of a book anywhere. Unless an author is also a celebrity, or is a best-selling author with a brand new book coming out, or is scheduled to be featured on a major network show (meaning tens or even hundreds of thousands of copies expect to be sold), they simply do not care. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

Amazon will only stock books based on their system’s algorithms, which involves tracking customer interest and sales through Amazon’s website only. Stocking copies of one title, which might sell 5 or 10 (or even 100) copies after being displayed at a library, is of no interest to Amazon. If they don’t have any copies on stock, they’ll simply order copies from the publisher if someone orders that book from Amazon. Even if your book is published by Amazon, they would do the same thing.

At BookLocker, every author has direct access to me (the President and CEO). I care about every single one of our authors, and their book sales.

Amazon, on the flip-side, has billions of products for sale on its site. Amazon doesn’t care one iota about any authors (except celebrity ones). Based on Amazon’s actions in the past, it’s clear they only care about their own bottom line. And, stocking copies of one book that may be displayed at one library would not be worth their time or effort when they can simply order copies through their automated system later.


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