“I didn’t know about this publisher’s ‘payment platform’ before working for them and I don’t want them having all of that info. about me. What can I do?”

“I didn’t know about this publisher’s ‘payment platform’ before working for them and I don’t want them having all of that info. about me. What can I do?”

Q –


Is it appropriate for a publication to ask a writer to sign up for a corporate payment platform in order to get paid for a single article? I recently did an article with a very quick turnaround. In order to get paid, I am expected to sign up for a corporate payment platform that asks me to identify myself as a company owner and not an individual/independent contractor. I do not want to misrepresent myself, especially where my SSN is involved, and feel uncomfortable about the amount of information I am being asked to provide. I asked if there is any other way to be paid, and received a brusque reply that I was “required” to sign up.

This was NEVER disclosed to me before writing the article and I’ve never been expected to sign up for a corporate account to be paid. I’m not an employee. I just wrote one article. 

At this point, I am willing to walk away from this payment and publication because it is setting off every red flag. Am I right?

– D

A –

It’s possible the publication knows how troublesome signing up for such a service is (especially if you must provide them with your social security number). They may be using that as a way to discourage people they’ve hired from seeking payment (yes, I’m cynical).

If the payment platform was not mentioned when they assigned the article to you, demand immediate payment in another form. If they refuse, let us know and we’ll publicize their ridiculous behavior on WritersWeekly.


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