“My publisher is delaying publishing my book, insisting I pay even more money to them for marketing services. What can I do?”

“My publisher is delaying publishing my book, insisting I pay even more money to them for marketing services. What can I do?”

Q –

Dear Angela Hoy,

I’m in the process of publishing my book with (a large publisher). I did pay for publication of the book – almost $900. Then, almost $300 for an “assessment.” The person who represents the publisher keeps pushing me to pay for marketing services before the book is done, arguing with me, and asking $3,100 for my book to be in five book fairs.

It seems suspicious for me that she is delaying the publication of my book, saying that I should prepay for marketing first. I want to see my book get published first, and then decide what to do.

Is she doing this fraudulently? I don’t understand and this is why I decided to ask for your help. I can’t contact anybody in authority at the company. They only let me contact that one person.

A –

They can’t legally put the publication of your book on hold while insisting you pay even more money for future services. That is extortion.

“Obtain (something) by force, threats, or other unfair means.” – dictionary.com

I looked up your publisher and they’re a large company that is very good at upselling authors on worthless marketing products and services. Think about it. If having your book appear at a book fair really made any money, and if your publisher profits from every book sold (they do), wouldn’t they offer that service for free?

Simply tell that sales person that you want to get your book published first, and will deal with marketing later. Then, if you really need marketing help, hire a different company to help you.

If she continues to delay publication of your book, threaten to report the publisher to the attorney general in their state. Read exactly how to do that RIGHT HERE.

Book fairs don’t sell books unless the author is a celebrity. Don’t fall for that sales pitch. You will be grossly disappointed.


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