My book costs $2700 on Amazon!? What?!?!

My book costs $2700 on Amazon!? What?!?!

Q –

Why is my book listed for $2700 on Amazon?!?!

A –

I looked at your book’s page on Amazon and it is out of print (no longer on the market). That means your publisher has ceased publishing/selling that book, and has alerted either the distributor or Amazon itself directly about the terminated status of your title.

Amazon does not remove old books pages for out-of-print books. Rather, they allow resellers to sell used copies of books on their site forever, even if no used copies of that book actually exist. The listings are all database driven. No human typed in that ridiculous price for your book.

These databases may continuously search for other sources from which to purchase out of print books. If there are very few (or no) copies available, the database may price that book exorbitantly high. The reseller may figure, if some person is willing to pay them $2700 for a paperback book, they’d certainly be willing to move Heaven and Earth to try to find an old copy of it. Of course, nobody is going to purchase a paperback for $2700.

Since these database errors are so prominent on Amazon, you’ll see all sorts of books by unknown (and known) authors, both active and out of print, priced at out-of-this-world prices. And, contacting those firms to try to get those listings fixed or removed will do no good whatsoever. Most will just ignore your correspondence.

Rest assured that these prices are NOT your publisher’s fault. They have no control of the resale cost of “used” books listed for sale by other firms.


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3 Responses to "My book costs $2700 on Amazon!? What?!?!"

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  3. Wendy L Jones  April 28, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    OK, it’s Amazon and I’m not shocked (well — maybe just a bit). But seriously, you aren’t alone.

    More Bio-Fuel Less Bio-Waste (retails for $9.99) is being sold (from Florida no less) for $29.99 (& shipping charges).
    Highlander Imagine: For Love’s Sake — which Amazon has now graciously acknowledged is ‘available’ once again from the publisher, (retails for $17.75) is being offered for $33.96 (& shipping charges) from Illinois.

    Is it any wonder people scratch their heads when they see these kinds of prices?