“How do I publish a collection of my short stories?”

“How do I publish a collection of my short stories?”

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Hello! I’m very new to the writing business of things. I have written a few stories and I’m in the process of writing others. I would love to publish a book of my short stories but I have no idea what the proper steps are. I don’t want to make a mistake and lose my work. Can you please give me advice on how to get started? Thank you so very much for your time!


A –

There’s an article I wrote that can help. Here ya go:

The Most Common Question I Hear: “I want to write and publish a book. Where do I start?” 

If you have a collection of short stories, the same advice would apply but it would be easier because you already have the content on hand. You would just need to figure out the order in which you want to feature the stories in your book.


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