“How do I license my book to a company?”

“How do I license my book to a company?”

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I believe I’ve read you newsletter for 30 years (when I was a young 45) and I always thought I’d write a book, but never got around to it. I do write — I’m a magazine editor and genealogist. However, two years ago, I began to get involved politically and found it wonderful and confusing at the same time. I tried to encourage church friends, family and neighbors to get involved and was not winning any converts. It took me a while, but I wrote a pamphlet on how to simply and effectively get involved in politics. At a recent expo, I gave a copy of my pamphlet to a national political talk show personality hoping he would read it.

I did not realize he would read it during the 5-minute opening of his May 8, 2023 show. Now one of the groups I mentioned in the show wants to license it and include their name on it. I searched your article base but didn’t find anything on Licensing. If you’ve written on this topic, can you please send me a link? It was fun having a dramatic reading of my pamphlet. He read probably 75 percent of it, leaving out the local references. Great job on your website, by the way. It’s kept me encouraged for years.

– B.

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WritersWeekly actually turned 25 on March 6th of this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

That is wonderful news about your pamphlet!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Licensing is when one individual (or company) allows another individual (or company) to produce/sell something the creator owns the rights to.

You would need a legal agreement that gives that person/organization the right to produce and sell your pamphlet. I recommend charging them a flat fee for each one they sell, which would depend on the price. That would be extremely fair for you and for them.

There’s a good article on this topic RIGHT HERE.



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