Help! I Need An Affordable Way To Promote My Book THAT WORKS!

Help! I Need An Affordable Way To Promote My Book THAT WORKS!

I have a self-published book with (a POD publisher). I can’t afford their expensive marketing services and I’m not all that sure the things they’re constantly trying to sell me will work anyway. Can you help?

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A book’s sales potential depends entirely on: 1. the book itself; and 2. the authors’ marketing savvy and efforts. Listing a book on a particular website like Amazon won’t generate sales. The author must promote the book in order for it to be successful. This is true for self-published and traditionally published titles. Traditional publishers do little to no promotion for unknown/new authors now. They take a gamble that a book may or may not take off and they run with the ones that do, while generally abandoning the ones that don’t. Of course, the ones that do are the ones whose authors are promoting them creatively and consistently.

At, we don’t try to up-sell authors on marketing products and services. Unfortunately, some of our competitors keep finding more ways to separate authors from their money, including selling them worthless marketing products and services that usually don’t generate enough resulting book sales to pay for those items. In my opinion, if one of their methods does appear to work, it’s likely because the author is heavily promoting their book in other ways as well. Book reviews by unknown bloggers, bookmarks, coffee cups, press releases, and even many affordable forms of paid print advertising are often a waste of money.

BookLocker authors receive a free copy of 90+ DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE: Your Book’s Daily Marketing Plan.

Anyone can buy the book, of course, but Booklocker authors get a copy for free because we WANT our authors to sell books. We break even on setup fees, and earn our profits on book sales. Why would we NOT give them a ton of FREE marketing resources and advice that really works? Because, when our authors sell books, that benefits them AND us!

Many POD publishers upsell authors to the tune of thousands of dollars on products/services that will never result in enough book sales to pay for those products/services (which is why those publishers don’t offer those services for free). We call those POD publishers author meat markets – they suck as much money as they can out of an author’s wallet before moving on to the next author.

If you want to pay someone to promote your book, it’s a better idea to hire a book publicist directly than to pay hundreds to thousands to your fee-based publisher to perform marketing activities of questionable value. For a book publicist, we recommend Dave Carew but he only offers his services for non-fiction books. See:



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