“Do you keep a list of scam PR sites?”

“Do you keep a list of scam PR sites?”

Q –

I noticed you have a page of complaints about specific publishers but do you get involved with finding scam PR sites where you can promote a book? Reason I asked is because I am looking at the possibility of promoting a non-fiction picture book.

There are quite a few PR sites were you just send them your press release and they send it to their list. I actually fell into the “Christian” business label for one such business. After researching their contacts, I actually found many (50%) that were no longer in business. It took me some time to do the research to validate the results.

I don’t now if other authors use such sites, but I thought I would mention it. Hoping to hear your response.

-John J.

A –

We advise authors to avoid press release services. Most of those end up in the physical trash (if they’re mailed), or in the spam folder or trash in people’s email inboxes. Those types of services are sending mass emails to the same publications over and over. And, with more than a millions books published each year now, a “new book” is no longer considered “news.” Many print on demand publishing services firms sell this service to their authors. DON’T BUY IT.

We recommend authors individually contact the media on their own. Please see:

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