DIY Publishing Services – Are Any of Them Really “Free?”

DIY Publishing Services – Are Any of Them Really “Free?”


I see your claim that it is less expensive to publish with BookLocker than with CreateSpace and I don’t understand why you think so. All over the Internet, information about CreateSpace makes authors think their services are free. Their homepage even says “free.” What gives?


For like publishing services, CreateSpace charges $1,288 while BookLocker only charges $875.

BookLocker has a DIY program (like CreateSpace) that only costs $78. That $78 fee includes a real human being at BookLocker personally reviewing the author’s interior file for errors (CreateSpace charges extra for that) and a real human being at BookLocker personally reviewing the cover for errors (CreateSpace charges extra for that). At BookLocker, you are working directly real people (all authors have direct access to me, the owner). You are not uploading a file to an impersonal computer system that spits out automated messages that may or may not help you fix your file. At BookLocker, you will get real, personal, detailed feedback and that $78 also includes an ISBN and barcode, which would cost $125 if purchased separately from R.R. Bowker.

In addition, BookLocker’s $78 fee includes the cost of the print proof (CreateSpace charges extra for that, too), full distribution, order fulfillment, and more. It’s not unusual for a company to use the word “free” to lure in potential customers. But, those customers may soon learn that things are usually not “free” in this world. There’s often a catch, like providing technical specs that may be very challenging for folks with little or no book design experience, and then upselling authors on expensive services along the way. We call this the old bait and switch. BookLocker doesn’t do business that way.

Some authors upload multiple files to CreateSpace in an attempt to get it right, and some even order multiple print proofs along the way in an attempt to get their book formatted/designed correctly. When all else fails, they can pay CreateSpace’s $1,288 expensive fees to do the formatting/design work for them. Ouch.

You can see numerous complaints about CreateSpace HERE. That page also includes links to even more complaints.




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