“Can I use print on demand to publish a very large color-interior book?”

“Can I use print on demand to publish a very large color-interior book?”

QI’m having a book digitized to be ready to print in the next month and a half. It will be 10″ x 12″ with many colour pictures, about 200 pages and a cover design. I want to do print-on-demand. Can I do this through BookLocker.com?

– C.

A – At BookLocker.com, we use the largest Print on Demand printer in the world and they do not offer that size. It’s a good idea to check out publishers and printers before deciding on a size for your book.

And, I implore you to also decide on a publisher before you pay someone to design your book. You must have the printer’s specs before you begin the design process. Many authors make this mistake, and end up needing to pay the designers all over again to fix their files later. Unfortunately, some designers don’t warn authors about this…knowing they can bill the author double later.

Please see:
DON’T Hire a Designer BEFORE Choosing a Publisher!


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