“My designer created un-printable files, and wants to charge me to fix them!”

“My designer created un-printable files, and wants to charge me to fix them!”

Q –

I’ve written an art book – 12 x 14 with many color pictures, about 200 pages. My designer has already designed my files and my cover. I’m now looking for a publisher. I won’t need to pay any design fees because the files are already ready to print. I can’t make any changes to my files because my designer will charge for that. I want my book to be print on demand so I won’t need to keep them in storage, and ship them in batches to Amazon.

– Jeannine

A –

We use the largest print on demand printer in the world and they do not offer that size – not even close. I hate to break the bad news to you but you did the process backwards. And, your designer may have known all along that he or she would be able to squeeze more money out of you later because the book size you chose is so unusual.

Authors should always choose a publisher first. If they then want their own designer to design the book, at least they’ll have the correct specs before beginning the job.

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